What are Anticonvulsants?

Anticonvulsants (also known as antiepileptics or AEDs) aid in the transmission of nerve impulses along nerve cells to prevent or treat seizures. at a time when the brain is functioning normally. Using controlled electrical signals, the nerve cells communicate with one another, beginning with one nerve cell and moving on to the next. This tells the body to do everything it needs to.

During a seizure there is a change of the level of nerve cell electrical signs from a commonplace level to an over the top or weird proportion of nerve signals. The symptoms and side effects of a seizure are the result of this expanded nerve action. The nerve change could be the result of a physical problem with a part of the brain, such as a stroke, brain growth, or other causes or problems.

How does they work

In order to prevent the nerve cells from becoming extreme and uncontrollable, anticonvulsants maintain a normal level. by altering the electrical directions in the nerve cell or by following up on receptors like glutamate

What Anticonvulsants treat

The level of nerve cell impulses is controlled by anticonvulsants, which are used to treat a variety of conditions like

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